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why should the rappers have all the fun? a song about ourselves.

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It's a one stop, over the top
sparkling cavalcade of rock
it's anatone, four dogs with bones
a rolling stone, the one that gathers moss
in your soul sauce, the child you lost
we've come arocking, you heard us knocking
but you didn't want, no you didn't want
but you couldn't not, open up the door

Stop.  For a moment you thought
you were gonna git-it-wit da hip-hop
or the Brit Pop or some Yanni
or a kick in the Clash with some rotten Johnny
Walker, the consumate anglo-saxon doctor
sorry but it's we, me and j.d.s three
the boston globe heralds "Best Band of The Freakin' Century"
See how the tick, the tock flies past
All you poor freaks wish it could last
but we're playing slow and we're playing fast
and it's hard to keep up when Anatone's kicking ass

© 1999—2018 Timothy Lee Russell


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