sensory overload

throbbing mattress kitten / a provacative selection of four love items

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Oh, since the last time I heard your voice, I've been sleeping.
Now, I've been blinded, caught in the facets of your diamonds.
  I sense your me, overload.
  Your sense of me, overload.
Found, once I touched you.  Drowned in the sea of your feelings.
Lost in your smoke screen, I took a breath and now I'm reeling.

  Walked inside, saw the sign, "Leave Your Lies In The Box Outside."
  Your seemed so wise, I felt so young.
  Years before I knew, you were just collecting them.

Words seem to tremble from your lips unassembled.
Oh, sweet sadness.  How your sorrows filled with gladness?
Truth's been disconnected.  Your lines need to be inspected.
Lies as currency, you sent the check but it's bouncing.

© 1999—2020 Timothy Lee Russell


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