anatone / the little fish demo

this song reflects the experience that michelle korgan and i had when we took a trip to las vegas. this rotund man began following us from casino to casino, the change jingling in his pocket.

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Midnight or beyond
The thorough change of changing
Midnight or beyond and waking
Unwise remarks made at a bar
The middle of an oklahoma farm

Where her legs reach for the ceiling
On a humid night, fall or summer
Where are we the sword of valhalla
 And a serious mistake she's made

I'm a nightbreeder baby
Crawling out from the rocks
You can tell me by the smell
Of the whimpering dogs
I saw you walking lonely
On the uncrowded street
You can tell me by the sound
Of my shuffling feet

I'm a nightbreeder baby
I'm a nightbreeder
I'm a nightbreeder baby
I'm a nightbreeder

The drought has lasted long enough to kill
The weak ones have been buried
By the ones with strong will
Until it rains everyone will suffer
Suffer the grip of this cruel mother

© 1999—2020 Timothy Lee Russell


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