throbbing mattress kitten / lost in space

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Alone with a madman and his promise of spring
Love under siege and finding my way back
Raising polite kids in a rude, rude world
She's proud of her father, the loner who leads Israel
Spread the alarm, it came from outer space
Heroes for today with words that can save your life
What's wrong with Lauren's walk across the sky
Live better, live longer, so proud of your father
My four-legged partner, just trying to be cool
Twenty-seven million copies in nineteen languages

And a child shall lead them to the worst desert 
The art of the smart guess and what makes us attractive
When every second counts, tune up your senses
To think like a killer is what makes us attractive
why we love who we love
A shopping mall for nuclear blackmailers
A champion's journey and his ordeal by fire
Renoir's invitation to a virus hunter's party
My forever valentine's life-long apprenticeship
One minute left till a mid-air collision
Heading for home, a heart on the run

© 1999—2020 Timothy Lee Russell


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