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posted 11/25/2003 5:58:10 PM by: timothy

games of late have gotten very sophisticated. i have been playing an xbox game called "splinter cell" over the past month and it is amazing how real they can make the experience of controlling a virtual character. the game is a mix of suspense and actions taken from panic.

the only complaint that i have about the game is that it is too hard. hey, games programmers, lower the bar by having an option in the game, unlockable by a key code (for emphasis, this keycode should be stored on an internet site like, that would allow casual players like myself get the full enjoyment of the game without having to spend twenty hours perfecting my - jump from one box to another skills.

it seems to me that there is a fair contingent of players like myself that would like a lowered-sense of frustration. perhaps the way that it would work is this. as you continue to lose at a level, the difficult quotient decreases slightly.

come down here and meet the little people. the less coordinated. the flat-out clumsy. the horribly inept. we're good at other things (thus being able to afford the xbox and games to go along with it), we're just not that good at playing video games and our basic motor skills are not anywhere near our 15 year old button-mashing prime.

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