blue sunrise (condensation)

posted 6/28/2005 6:38:39 AM by: timothy

blue sunrise
orange sunset
trees sway
to windy music
hollow doves
call above the city
their beaks bloat
with river refuse

choking out
their tortured cries
echo back
from suspension bridges

cables taut
downward pressure
crawling beings
insect shrieks
cut the air
the air

cling to earth
swaying creak
able to ear
buildings act
spinning earth
tidal hours
so much harder

the hundred feet
where they hover
the atmosphere

solid mass
tiny humans
crushed there
to the ground
by a sound
a sound

sun warmed
buildings here
tall bodies
radiator coils
bathtub of water
plugged-in shaver
shimmering shock
translucent heat
sidewalk coals
burning feet
structures heat

roasting oven
earth on a spit
somewhere city
july present

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