tron legacy

posted 12/25/2010 12:38:07 AM by: timothy

just got back from seeing "tron legacy". the visuals are impressive!

i also picked up the soundtrack - daft punk really hit it out of the park. it is very orchestral/atmospheric but still contains a healthy dash of the subversive flavor of their trademark electronic sound. also, pretty great!

both visually and musically, they have managed to create a derivative work that is thematically respectful of one of the most formative movies of my childhood.

i have read a couple reviews complaining about the plot but anyone who complains about that obviously doesn't get the point.

humans create, struggle to comprehend, attempt to come to terms with - and fight for a place for themselves in the singularity. it's pretty simple, really.

i recommend that you see this movie and buy the soundtrack.

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