max payne

posted 10/18/2008 5:59:01 AM by: timothy

in addition to being a wonderful game with a great story, unique gameplay, and great atmosphere, max payne is now an impressive movie.

unlike any movie based on a video game to this point, it captured the unique feel of max payne, the video game. mark wahlberg was the perfect choice to play the role.

it had all the grittiness that you would have liked to see in batman 3, a more subtle and effective noir art style than sin city, and wonderful sound effects that mimic the feel of the video game perfectly.

i would rate it as a pg-15/16 movie for violence.

overall, highly recommended, even if you have not played the game.

link to the official max payne movie site

i hope to one day see a max payne 3, developed by the original developer remedy with technical assistance from rockstar, creators of the amazing grand theft auto 4 (in specific, their custom built rage engine).

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