pets are difficult sometimes

posted 8/16/2005 1:07:08 AM by: timothy

over the weekend, i built some carpet runners for my basement to replace the small rugs that ran between the stairs and the cat's litter boxes.

i had a whole bunch of carpet left over from when our upstairs floor was carpeted. it is very nice carpet, which we got for free when some rich people upgraded.

we had bought a product called instabind when we edged the carpet in a curved shape upstairs but it was fairly expensive -- a dollar a foot, i think. so i decided to use sisal.

i cut the carpet in the correct shape, flipped it over, and used a hot glue gun to attach the sisal rope to the bottom of the carpet. it ended up with a nice edging. then i glued anti-slip mat to the bottom and brought it inside.

go to work, time passes:

when i returned home this evening, i discovered that one of my cats had peed right into one of my leather teva sandels, sitting on the ground next to the new carpet runners.

an olympic-sized cockroach pee pool.

somehow, although i do not understand the motivation, there is a connection between carpet runners (made from old carpet) and the desire to go into the field of pool architecture.

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