this is the new world...

posted 11/4/2014 3:01:36 AM by: timothy

even u2 can’t make money off music now.

thom yorke is putting out stuff on bittorrent and u2 and apple are forcing albums onto user's machines.

it’s kind of depressing.

we don’t like to think of art as being market driven but in the end, the market has exerted its authority and stated that music isn't worth anything anymore.

if the market doesn't respect it, the market does not perceive it to have value.

people peddling music have become like homeless people asking you for a dollar.

“no, i don’t want your free song. leave me alone!”

i enjoy writing and recording songs as a hobby but i really feel for the folks that are trying to make a living at it.

from everyone I've talked to, it is very difficult road — and yet, you hear music everywhere so it is definitely being listened to and enjoyed.

what seems to be missing is the valuation for the artists that labor over creating the songs that become the soundtracks for our lives.

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