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posted 2/1/2011 6:48:26 AM by: timothy


since schoen guitars seem to be a popular topic, i thought i would throw up some more pics.

if you're thinking of buying a really original looking and sounding guitar, i would suggest you get in touch with kurt — tell him timothy sent you.

recently, i commissioned a guitar from kurt schoen, who now has setup shop in walla walla, washington -- where i was lucky enough to meet him and have him build me the most awesome instrument that i own. a schoen turbo diddly six string.

a couple of weeks ago, i brought it up to portland so that recallseven could lay down some sounds with it. here's a little cell video (fasil debeb is playing):

to get an idea about some of the other cool shizzle that kurt schoen has created, check out his website.

for a little biographical information, check out this pdf that highlights his work with the broken levee guitar project.

the article was featured in autopilot, a magazine dedicated to writing about men and women who have made significant contributions to aviation.

below, shane speal performs "blue raga" on a turbo diddley 3 string.

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