posted 4/28/2004 5:23:17 PM by: timothy

spam is annoying. unfortunately, because i run this website, i receive 300-400 spam emails every damn day.

if you use outlook on a pc, download spambayes and let it filter your email for you. it is remarkably accurate and unlike some other programs doesn't make a lot of presumptions about what you consider spam. instead, it trains itself based on the classifications that you make.

if you want to receive advertisements for f.r.e.e. pres-cRipTi-on DR U G S, spambayes will continue to let them through. if you don't, it will delete them.

spambayes is an open source project and integrates directly with outlook. read more about it and download it if you hate spam.

update on spambayes efficacy:

spambayes last night correctly filtered 197 messages as spam, 92 as suspect, and no false positives...

the day after: 376 correctly filtered messages, 9 as suspect, and no false positives.

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