skynet (tm)

posted 2/18/2010 3:17:36 AM by: timothy

skynet (tm) stardate: 02.17.2010

an android phone remote controlling lego mindstorms robots using the tilt sensor, excellent for delivering "packages" and doing surveillence.

air force bugbots, swarming mavs (micro air vehicles), "science-fiction" at this point?

maybe, but check out this sky drone video. this one's real.

this is how the robots will reproduce

a couple of these mechanical cockroaches will soon be crawling out of some dead guy's mouth in a horror movie and being dropped by the millions out of low flying drones.

to survive the robots, you may need your own pav (personal armored vehicle).

unfortunately, that will likely be no match for the largest version of the snow dragon, a steampunk version of the flamethrower...

who, of course, is no match for the missle defence agencies airborne laser except that the airborne laser will more likely be targeting your personal armored vehicle.

it's been nice knowing you.

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