posted 7/29/2015 3:27:27 AM by: timothy

Okay BOGO, buy one get one free, I get that. I'm getting twice the product for my money. Mix and match, even better. Twice the value plus choice style points.

Two for two, or TFT, to the tune of AC/DC, you could probably brand that with a little music licensing on the side -- but it is still BOGO essentially.

Buy two get one, BTGO maybe? Now you're not impressing me, making me work and recall algebra. It's just intended to confuse with the 1/3rds of B2G1 and then the intermingling of the two price sets on the same shelves and making the offer types mix and match but each type can only be mix and matched with one of a set where the tags are only differentiated by one number because you've normalized your numerator at two to attempt to obfuscate the denominator.

It makes me want to not shop at your store.

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