trip to spain (part 4)

posted 10/23/2010 6:51:03 AM by: timothy

other than pick up a new guitar, one of the most exciting thing we did in spain was to visit "la prudenciana", a renowned cheese maker in tembleque which is in the heart of the la mancha region.

we were given a tour by alphonso alvarez valera, the owner of "la prudenciana". he was extraordinarily gracious for giving us an in-depth tour of his facility and we learned an incredible amount about the production of cheese.

watch "spain, on the road again", episode 101 to see a video tour.

we also lugged about 8 kilos of manchego cheese back to walla walla, which we plan on enjoying for some time to come.

it is not an exaggeration to say that the manchego is so good it will make your head spin.

will travel for tapas has a great rundown of the area and better pictures than i took — so check it out.

if you want to pick some up, it can be purchased in the states from a number of suppliers and i suggest you do it now.

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