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posted 5/25/2012 1:50:41 AM by: timothy

we were given a subscription by my brother to the new yorker which is in general a well-written interesting magazine with a lot of good content.

it is weekly though and kills a lot of trees so i thought, "i have an ipad and a kindle, i should just read the digital version. same content but just made of bits instead of a resource."

so, here follows my correspondence with the new yorker:

to: the new yorker

Haven't tried the digital version yet -- but my question is...I received the subscription to the New Yorker from a family member. I would prefer to not receive the tree killing version and instead only have access to the digital version. Possible...?
You can subscribe to a digital version only, however you would need to cancel the print and resubscribe to the digital either through iTunes (this is for iPad only), or through us for the digital package (which includes all Tablet formats available and Archive access). The print currently comes with access, you would just need to set it up separately.
to: the new yorker
So the only way that I can have you stop sending the print version and get the digital version only -- even though the print version gives me access to the digital version -- is to cancel the print edition and subscribe to the digital version.

i think my head is going to explode.



  1. i like your product, the subscription is paid for and i would like to continue to consume it.
  2. i would like to save you money by you no longer having to send me a physical issue each week and you would save both on printing and postage.
  3. it would make me happy as a customer.

just curious as to the business rational for this?

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