netflix, more expensive, still great

posted 7/27/2011 3:59:56 AM by: timothy

everyone is complaining about a couple of bucks. netflix needs the money to make the service better and everyone needs to get paid.

imagine all the lattes on just one movie set, because one latte is how much the monthly increase is going to cost you -- now, hand your latte to the sound guy who stands all day in the desert holding a boom mic over some poor heat-stroked schmuck covered in stage makeup saying some inane lines written by a coke-addled waiter turned screenwriter -- trust me, the sound guy needs the pick-me-up.

now, relax and watch this movie using space age technology that basically, you probably don't understand.

if you want to get mad, let's talk about how expensive those startrek communicators that we carry around in our pockets cost per month.

instant communication with your friends and family who only a couple of hundreds of years ago, you left and most likely never saw again and if you wanted to communicate with them, it took weeks or months to send a paper letter that would almost certainly be stepped on multiple times by the postal service.

almost everything you don't know at your fingertips, almost all the time, almost anywhere, visible in complete darkness using it's own internal fire?

so lame.

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