walla walla daily market coop box #16

posted 5/5/2011 4:08:16 AM by: timothy

the sixteenth box from the walla walla daily market coop box set.

today, a dark bread that smells like granola, spinach, asparagus and hot breakfast cereal.

a message from andrea petersen, the made in walla walla box coordinator

this week's vegetable is asparagus from the ol' timers farm on the west end of town. the ol' timers recommend storing asparagus in the fridge with a little moisture. you can stand asparagus upright in water in the fridge or dampen asparagus and store in a container in the fridge for longer storage. the ol' timers have more asparagus for sale if you are interested (509-525-5033).

the walla walla bread company provides bread for the made in walla walla box each week. owner/baker michael kline recommends you check out their facebook page for up-to-date information on what's in the oven. michael recommends bread be stored on the counter and used within five days. if the bread comes in a paper bag, remember to put it in the enclosed plastic bag once cooled. if you ever have issues with their bread such as under-cooked, rock-hard, or something else, please contact michael directly at the store or give him a call (509-522-8422) and he'll replace your bread. he is very committed to his customers' satisfaction.

remember to sign up for your summer made in walla walla box by may 20th! email me if you'd like to split your box with someone so i can facilitate a box split.

next week (may 11th) is the last winter/spring made in walla walla box. the summer made in walla walla box starts wednesday, june 1st.

thank you,
andrea petersen
made in walla walla box coordinator

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