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posted 2/16/2006 5:27:01 PM by: timothy

Hey all,

After an extended holiday break (and travel by individual members to such exotic places as Hamburg, Barcelona, Vegas and Walla Walla) we're back with some new tunes, an upcoming show and some efforts at that whole promotion thing.

The show is April 6 at Towne Lounge (www.townelounge.com) with My Code Name is Blue. The cover charge is $2 and the show starts around 9:30. We've got a few new tunes to break out in what could be our longest set ever—that's right, we might finally break the daunting 40-minute mark. The show will also mark the debut of a brand new guitar amp (photo attached). You'll definitely want to be there. As Sam Cooke sang so sweetly: "Lights turned way down low, and music soft and slow….that's where it's at."

Also, a mere 6 months after our cd release show, we finally have our "new" EP available for sale at cdbaby.com/cd/recallseven. At some point we might mail some cds out to get reviewed. And if we're really feeling motivated we might even put our previous EP "Let's Go At Night" on cdbaby as well. But for now we're content to sit back and revel in our brief flurry of self-promotion.

Speaking of self-promotion, we've joined the world of myspace. You can listen to songs and find out interesting and exciting things about us at www.myspace.com/recallseven. If you're also a member of the myspace world, we'd love to have you on our "friends" list. If you're not into myspace don't worry, we can still be secret friends.

Your pals,

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