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posted 12/10/2004 3:22:50 PM by: timothy

  • wine bottle punts
    according to a fifty bottle sampling by dave gorman, the depth of a wine bottle punt is directly correlated to the price of the bottle. the formula is: price of bottle = (dimple depth in mm + £3.49) / 4.3144 - £1. you can read about it on itchy squirrel. he doesn't mention it, but i would assume that punt depth also correlates to the wholesale cost of the bottle itself.
  • google suggest
    google is testing a "suggest" feature. it looks like it uses RPC (remote procedure calls) to return words chosen based on what you have typed so far. try google suggest
  • dioxin poisoning
    the new york times has reported that viktor a. yushchenko, the ukrainian opposition candidate, was indeed poisoned with dioxin once again proving that people will do almost anything to retain power. it just seems so shaeksperian.
  • reporter punished for not revealing source
    the press can not do their jobs if they are in fear of being prosecuted by the government for not revealing anonymous sources of information. link

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