presidential debate tonight

posted 9/29/2004 11:33:46 PM by: timothy

the first debate between john kerry and george bush was tonight, thursday the 30th of september, 2004.

they both were master-debaters.

john kerry did what he needed to. he told the truth about what is happening in iraq and how bush is misleading the american people by following an agenda that is single-minded, while simultaneously damaging america's esteem thoughout the world.

george bush did what he needed to. he stated he was right, over and over.

and over.

and over.

and over.

oh, that we were in a world where things could become reality by simply asserting that they are true.

based on the debate, which was, of course, simply a press release...and based on the actions of the current president over the last several years, my vote will be for john kerry.

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