9/11 tapes

posted 9/12/2011 12:27:29 AM by: timothy

"a selection of audio recordings from the f.a.a., norad and american airlines from the morning of sept. 11, 2001.

the recordings, some of which have been published previously, are being released in a multimedia report originally intended to be part of the sept. 11 commission’s 2004 report."

american's dealing with 9/11 as it happens as presented by the new york times.

this was a terrible event obviously and my heart goes out to the families of those involved.

regardless of how we each feel individually about the "war on terrorism" which seems to be easier to say than the "war on the fact that there seem to be a lot of really misguided people in this world doing all kinds of bad things for what probably seem like rational reasons to them", the attack really made me wonder if it's really possible to "fight" an ideology.

all pondering aside though, this kind of tragic recording has always fascinated me.

as evidenced by the song i recorded many years ago, black box.

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