window 8 - transparent window issue

posted 8/22/2012 3:21:23 PM by: timothy

installed window 8 pro on an older asus laptop.

so far, everything about windows 8 is fine although a tiny bit disorienting for a minute.

i had a problem that was weird though as the scroll wheel would not work sometimes on the primary monitor -- but worked fine on the secondary.

i have a "toshiba dynadock u" that drives a secondary monitor for me and so i thought that the video driver might be the issue. installed the latest intel graphics driver and the windows 8 beta driver for the dynadock but no luck.

finally tracked it down using process explorer from sysinternals.

the asus laptop has a hot key application that shows up in the processes as "atkosd2".

as it turns out, this program has a transparent window that loads at startup but is invisible and topmost in windows 8 and as such, intercepted all the mouse events.

uninstalling atkosd2 from system worked for me.

hopefully this post will spare you the frustration of figuring this out after almost four hours.

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