today the world has returned to being a little calmer for one day at least

posted 4/26/2013 1:59:25 AM by: timothy

it's so much more relaxing when an entire day goes by without some societal yoke being dropped over your shoulders.

obviously, this weight pales in comparison to dealing with the terrible experiences that people have to go through in first person perspective but that is not to say it is an insignificant feeling.

there is so much media in the world and the news outlets are 80 to 100% alarmist and constantly in your face.

it makes me feel like i want to help in some way to make the world a calmer place but there are so many things that you can

  • do absolutely nothing about
that it would likely have been in your best psychic interest to have never heard about them in the first place.

basically the size of everything that is happening, everywhere, all the time has become cognitively more expensive to cram inside of our heads causing paralysis which varies on the dissonance spectrum from minor to total interference.

basically, we are the frog in the boiling frog metaphor.

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