k.d. lang and brian wilson

posted 11/29/2004 12:38:56 PM by: timothy

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"49th parallel" is lang's tribute to great canadian songwriters, from leonard cohen and joni mitchell to neil young and jane siberry, among others.

the carnegie performance was immediately applauded by audiences and critics -- both for its content and its acoustical clarity.

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listen to the k.d. lang concert

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in 1966, brian wilson began work on the follow-up to the beach boys' now classic pet sounds. the album, called smile, was to be his most ambitious undertaking yet, but before it could be completed, a tumultuous set of circumstances caused wilson to abandon the project.

almost four decades later, the public is finally getting a chance to hear the most celebrated album never released. in a two-hour creators at carnegie special, brian wilson sings songs from smile.

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check out brian wilson's smile

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