75 billion dollars and six months and math...

posted 3/26/2003 3:10:02 AM by: timothy
bush has asked congress for approximately 182 days of funding for the war in iraq. 75 billion dollars should cover it. the average of american men and women killed in this war per day seems to be about 10 up to this point in the conflict and this toll is bound to go up as the fighting gets more intense, which both the british and american governments claim. if the war were to last 6 months, or 182 days, that would be about 1820 american troops killed. i don't know how to measure any goal against the deaths of that many of our citizens. i hope, and our government surely does also, that saddam hussein gives up soon, since our government is going to follow through with this, regardless of the sentiment of much of the world. let's hope that our friends and neighbors in the military come home soon, alive.

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