me and my cello

posted 2/8/2013 3:54:52 AM by: timothy

my first cello is on the way.

it is a 2000 ivan dunov from sophia, bulgaria purchased off ebay from mike's pawn shop in tallahassee, florida.

update: the cello has arrived but the soundpost and bridge are unset — so unfortunately, i'm not going to be able to hear how it sounds until i get someone qualified to setup. it looks like it's in really good shape though!

update 2: the cello is now at a local walla walla violin luthier and restorer of bows. his name is ernie hartl and he is the proprietor of hartl's bow shop. seems like a really nice guy and he's going to setup the cello soundpost and bridge and restring it for me — as well as rewrap the bow. next week sometime, i'm going to get to hear how this thing sounds and i'm really looking forward to it.

quite randomly, two objects now linked in apparent syncronicity, sophia is the city where i set the story of my android game, roshambomb.

if you have an android device, you should check it out.

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