north korea and iraq

posted 11/25/2003 5:43:52 PM by: timothy
is it posturing or does north korea intend to launch a nuclear weapon against the united states? it seems that they intend to be, or already are, capable of doing so. was this a long term goal of theirs, or were they prodded into this position by george bush's inclusion of the country in his 'axis of evil'?

it seems clear that iraq government has been attempting to develop the capacity for some time and has committed some horrible atrocities against it's own population as well as showing signs of aggression at other points in history, which is also of great concern.

why then, the complete opposite stance of the bush government concerning the two countries? it seems that the obvious answer is oil, although i'm sure that it is much more complicated than that. in fact, there was prominent mention of it in several news sources today, stating that contingency planning was taking place to determine how to squelch the oil fields if the iraqi military were to set them ablaze.

if another country has missles aimed at the united states, it's nuclear blackmail. however, when you are the united states (the country in possession of the largest stash of these devices) the same logic, for some reason, does not apply.

wouldn't it be nice, though, if we could all just get along?

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