posted 10/9/2007 2:52:58 AM by: timothy

my qwest dsl account was just "upgraded" -- they switched the qwest.net domain to qwestoffice.net

since i am hosting this website from my basement and i am using a vanity domain name "anatone.net", my network setup is a tiny bit more complicated than your standard internet access setup and so the change of domain names required some configuration to deal with the change.

fortunately, it was worth the change since qwest has improved the tools that they make available to business customers. they now have a webmail client that runs as a native mozilla application and it works pretty well. also, they have exposed the dns settings and email settings so that if you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of the configuration settings without requiring "tech support" to make them for you.

the thing that blew me away though was that i ended up calling tech support five times to figure out a list of things that weren't obvious to me. amazingly, each time i called, i spoke with a knowledgeable rep who was able to address my issue without transferring me through the system.

that definitely wasn't my experience when i originally signed up for the dsl account a couple of years ago.

i'm thinking that perhaps they outsourced some of their infrastructure...

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