posted 10/30/2015 5:27:18 AM by: timothy

( As with all of my writing, best when read aloud using the voice of Christopher Walken )

I'm wearing glasses now at age 43 for the first time since I was quite young. I probably should have started a couple years ago. I didn't recognize the increased cognitive load that my vision problems were causing because it showed up gradually. Now, with no headaches for almost a year I've come to realize that eye strain was the root cause.

It's wonderful to live in an age where we can augment these fragile meatspace bodies with technology. Before 1268, if you had vision problems, you were pretty much screwed. ( Museum of Vision )

Wearing a single contact, just in my bad eye, is better than glasses because of the fisheye / blur issues. However, we really need to invent some lenses that can auto focus. Personally, I would be willing to pay a lot for a solution.

Maybe there is hope: Google, Novartis and EPGL in Race to Develop First "Autofocus" Contact Lens

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