walla walla daily market coop box #8

posted 3/10/2011 5:15:36 AM by: timothy

the eighth box from the walla walla daily market coop box set.

today, cinnamon swirl bread, a huge bag of fresh greens, a tray of microgreen pea shoots to grow in the kitchen window and potlach pilaf.

andrea petersen, the daily market coop's made in walla walla box coordinator provided this information with details about this week's bounty.

the featured vegetable this week is the microgreen pea shoot from ideal organics farm in walla walla. ideal organics farm became certified organic in 1998 growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, and some fruit. ideal sells to local restaurants, the farmers market, and a csa. if you'd like to try more types of microgreens or are looking for organic gardening help, contact ideal organics at idealorganics@yahoo.com or 509-386-6038.

pea shoots are the leaves of a pea plant. the leaves are bright green and succulent with accompanying tendrils that curl up like wavy mohawks and have a subtle sugary flavor that is delicious both raw and cooked. like peas, pea shoots have a sweet crispness that goes beautifully with just about anything. they have a pleasant sweet pea flavor that works well on its own or as an accent with meats, pastas, or beans. some uses of pea shoots are: use as greens in salad, incorporate into omelets or frittatas, include in soup as you would spinach or chard, stuff inside chicken breasts or flank steaks with lemon zest and garlic, mix with pastas. when cooking pea shoots, be sure not to oversteam them as they'll lose some of their flavor and texture. if eating raw, make sure you thoroughly trim off the woody ends.

this week's grain is potlach pilaf from bluebird grain farms in winthrop, wa. bluebirdgrainfarms.com.

bluebird's goal is to, "cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich grain they can, while leaving the land healthier for the next generation."

bluebird has a wide range of products such as milled-to-order flours, emmer farro, fresh-cracked hot cereals, and handcrafted blends. the coops carries a few bluebird products.

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