the mozilla firebird browser is now firefox

posted 2/13/2004 4:21:52 PM by: timothy

the mozilla firefox browser is now at version 0.8

still at a dot release -- not even 1.0 -- and it blows every other browser out of the water.

this browser, as an open-source project, exemplifies the practice of programming as a group effort.

now, of course, it has the same name as the plane that clint eastwood stole.

being a windows developer, linux doesn't interest me that much, although i do believe that hard competition does attempt to keep others honest and working hard. firefox, on the other hand, is a program that i use every day. i can vouch for it being stable and it makes my work environment much more ergonomic.

every time i have to use internet explorer -- for instance some administration programs have been written to use features that are unique to internet explorer -- it's like traveling to a third world country.

you can read about why you should use firefox or you can go straight to the download.

firefox is available for windows, linux, and mac osx. i recommend it highly, so go download it now and see what you have been missing when using internet explorer.

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