a guitar with a guelph twang

posted 3/26/2008 1:29:39 AM by: timothy

from the univerity of guelph website, an "integrative biology" guitar:

start with chunks of wood salvaged from windfall trees. add a tiny fish fossil, pieces of stone, shells of turtles and mussels, bits of ivory and ancient cedar — even mink penis bones — and what have you got? it's a made-in-guelph guitar, one that its maker hopes will play music and tell tales.

for the past year, prof. doug larson, integrative biology, has collected and crafted seemingly disconnected items into an acoustic guitar meant to evoke stories connected to u of g research and scholarship and to area history.

glancing at pieces of the partly assembled guitar laid out on his basement workbench at home in guelph, he says: “this is an instrument to talk about history. it's not just a guitar but a great storytelling device.”

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