general file

posted 5/2/2003 12:22:18 AM by: timothy
Will the wily General File continue to be a gentle dictator or will the power vested in him corrupt his morals? Will Tophat's popularity with the people lead to jealousy and retribution from the Bean Bag seat of local power? Will there be talk about weapons of mass destruction? Should the secret admirers of Ninja come out of the closet and declair their lack of confidence in the system? After all, we do not have much history about whether he routinely cleaned up his room when instructed to do so by his mother. Besides that, he got the axe without a public listing of the charges against his approach to civil authority. Will General File find it necessary to turn to his neighbors for support against a rising tide of misunderstanding and public discontent? Will democracy be the real winner, as the people see that they, rather than General File, should be making the decisions that so importantly impact their daily lives?

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