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posted 7/29/2005 7:56:41 PM by: timothy

just got back last night from bob dylan @ the maryhill winery. it is a new venue about halfway between portland and walla walla. the crowd numbered around four thousand. the venue obviously tried hard to accomodate the crowd. they'll probably figure it out a little better after they get four or five shows under their belt.

bob's band in coordinated black western - bob with white suit and white ten gallon cowboy hat.

the first half of the show, the sound was mediocre - too much treble across the board. the speakers were probably inadequate for an outdoor venue of that size and in response, the sound guy was pushing them too hard. their mixing equipment was pretty advanced (perhaps too advanced?) i'll let you know when i figure out what type it was.

dylan has very distinctive voice and they had him mixed at a good range for intelligibility, not that you can understand what he is saying half the time.

about half way through the show, the sound improved.

all in all, very enjoyable -- although it's a long, late night of driving (about two hours.)

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