throbbing mattress kitten -- live concert series

posted 7/26/2003 7:13:58 PM by: timothy
well, throbbing mattress kitten is moving to internet exclusive distribution for a while. unless you have a lot of money to burn, creating cds for people is just too expensive for the amount of return.

with the internet and prosumer recording equipment, it is possible to record the song in your own studio, mix it down, and release it minutes later to anyone in the world who wants it.

that said, you can download the latest two releases from the "live concert series" by going to the following link: live concert series

to download, right-click on the download links and select save to disk.

the commonality between the songs is such:

  • all instruments by timothy
  • all samples are royalty free
  • all songs recorded in a 2-3 hour period
  • all the songs are unpolished
  • lyrics were written during the same 2-3 hour period
  • songs were recorded in front of an imaginary studio audience

*note: not all of the songs in this series were written by timothy. there are a couple of covers. this means that timothy did not write the tune or the lyrics. if you click on the song name, the author is clearly listed, along with links so that you can learn more about them and buy their music...


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