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posted 8/31/2006 6:08:28 AM by: timothy

i found a cool video, talking about the life and works of philip k. dick, who i believe is the greatest science fiction writer of all time. it is a video produced by the bbc and has appearances by terry gilliam of monty python fame (also the director of the movie "brazil"), elvis costello, and brian aldiss, another science fiction writer that i enjoy, among others.

it is about an hour long. link

i found the link on

if you haven't read philip k. dick, you are missing out. you may have seen the movies "blade runner", "total recall", "screamers", "minority report", or "paycheck". these films capture in varying degrees the dystopia that philip k. dick invisioned but to dive deep into his vision, you must experience his writing.

i would suggest starting either dr. bloodmoney or the simulacra

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