salary in the united states

posted 9/14/2005 7:47:24 AM by: timothy

i heard something on npr that was interesting. it was a discussion about how the salary for people that have BA and BS degrees has been falling steadily and that a higher degree (Masters / PhD) is becoming the equivalent of a college degree when taking into account the entire world workforce.

in america, the amount of economic growth that is expected by investors is not sustainable. the short of it is that other countries have very bright people who are kicking our ass. as a whole, america just seems to want to be entertained rather than work hard.

it is a deeply ingrained sense of entitlement that drives this, i think.

as with all stereotypes (in this case, a stereotype of americans), this does not apply to individual americans, just my impression of the whole -- as i hope that i do not fit into my own categorization.

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