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posted 10/20/2008 5:08:18 AM by: timothy

the election is starting, at least here in washington state. i received my ballet in the mail today.

if you are thinking of voting republican in this election, please reconsider.

in my opinion, over the last eight years, the republican administration has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are incompetent and corrupt, both morally and fiscally.

let's see, they've taken us into an extremely costly war on false pretenses. they've awarded billions upon billions in no bid contracts to their defense contracting pals. they've condoned and committed torture by disregarding the geneva conventions. they have, perhaps permanently, damaged our reputation with other countries. on top of that, they've bungled relief efforts after natural disasters in our own country.

amazingly, they've managed to do all of this while steadfastly ignoring education and infrastructure, two of the areas that make america a stronger and more productive country.

and now, they have chosen a female vice presidential candidate who wants to erode women's rights. this is a woman who has said that she would not allow her daughter to get an abortion even if she was raped. she believes in an abstinence only policy -- a policy that seems to have been very "effective" with her own daughter.

if you are thinking of voting for mccain, i will not question your motives. i'm sure you have good reasons for your decision. we're all americans with different views on the direction of our country.

still, there is no question in my mind at this point that mccain and palin are the wrong choice for america.

please vote for barack obama.

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