TMK - Recluse Reckless Wolf

posted 2/18/2016 5:06:52 AM by: timothy
Recluse Reckless Wolf
intro G  Bm
D  A  C    Bm  F#  C/Cm   G  Bm  F   C  G  F#

People don't have to kill
other people but they will
I'm not going to kill tonight
but some other people might
You can only do what you
put your mind and soul into
making it alright

Animals through and through
some of us deserve the zoo
maybe if we all had food
everybody'd act less rude

I guess we let the guys up top
mold our minds into a thought

stay on top

Is it that it's really true
your future self is up to you
a recluse reckless wolf
dressed in someone else's wool

was wrong to think that he could stop
the things that human progress brought
he was wrong
we'll go on
without him...

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© 1999—2022 Timothy Lee Russell


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