tsa rules fundamentally pointless or are they?

posted 11/19/2010 6:03:38 AM by: timothy

i was just given the option of throwing out both my toothpaste and deodorant or check my bag for 15 dollars 20 dollars.

suddenly, it makes me think 4 oz 3.4 oz is a pretty completely arbitrary number.

i am pretty certain that you wouldn't need 4 oz 3.4 oz of nitroglycerine to do some serious damage to a plane if you were a baddie...and even then, it appears that you can bring an unlimited amount of mixing materials as long as they are in 4 oz 3.4 oz containers.

did the airlines get this rule instituted to increase the number of bags they can charge for?

what bothers me is that we all know how well one-size-fits-all solutions work efficiently at solving diverse problem sets.

update: also — refusing to get backscatter xray-ed at the san diego airport will result in the tsa unceremoniously feeling up your junk.

to be fair, i refused the backscatter xray not on the basis of concern about the miniscule amount of radiation delivered — but out of curiosity as to the way that i would be treated if i refused.

as it turns out — rather rudely.

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